Services Prices

Residence on the homestead Residence on the homestead (per day)

from 1 October to 25 April
from April 25 to October 1


20 $ per person


Food & Kitchen Food & Kitchen

per meal (non-recurring varied menu for 10 days stay)
a la carte
11 $ per person 
negotiated price
(from 15 $)

Picnics Picnics

pleasant picnics
from 20 $ per person

Rafting Rafting

- rent a raft with wood flooring, up to 10 people,
without logistics services;
- services for the assembly and disassembly of a raft;
- logistics services (assembly and disassembly, loading and unloading, transport costs);
- route with guide;
- chef services on the route.

100 $ per day
50 $
from 250 $
50 $ per day
100 $ per day

Steam bath Steam bath

Brooms, herbal tea, mineral water, sheets. 
Time is unlimited.
50 $ (up to 6 people)

Leisure activities Leisure activities

boats, bicycles, grills, skewers, grill barbecue, firewood, use of a raft on the lake
for people on the homestead

Excursions Excursions

guide service in the city of Polotsk
prices at the tour desk

Auto Services Auto

driver services
50 $ per day

New Year New Year

from December 30 to January 2 (the homestead rent fully)
New Year's diet
250 $ per day for homested
from 25 $ per person

Barter Barter

Barter deals we consider only from October 1 through April 30,
except Christmas and New Year holidays
on mutually beneficial terms

Discounts Discounts

1. For visitors not the first time, at any time of the year, except for the Christmas holidays,
a discount of 8% (residence).

2. Children under 6 years - discount 50% on food.

3. For stays longer than 15 days - 8% discount per stay.

4. Also operates a funded system of bonus cards:
in the period from October 1 to April 30, when visiting the estate for a period of not
less than 2 days issued bonus card. Upon presentation of 3 bonus cards (which
can be transmitted to others), you are entitled to a free 2 night stay.
Bonus card is designed for one family.

on mutually beneficial terms
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