The question is: which of you watched the movie "Three Comrades" and "Three Men in a Boat of the Dog", I think there are two answers: the first - "Oh, yes, I watched these movies!" and the second - "Hmm, I do about these films ever have not heard!"

Accordingly, the comments I will have two: the first - for those who have seen, and the second, those who have not seen these films.


Comment One: To have a voyage over a small river we all, including myself, try to realize a dream from childhood. Especially boys, who among you has not dreamed of? You tries to swim or raft, and here you understand that the raft itself means nothing. The main point are the people with whom you go, and who can help you in difficult times. Who is this? They are friends, they are friends from childhood, they are friends of today, or they become your friends during and after rafting. But be that as it may, the people with whom you are going to raft on the river - they are friends! Friends in the full sense of the word.

These two nice films tell us that we go raft only with people with whom we want and are willing to be together not 3, not 4, 8 hours a day, but around the clock.


Now ask yourself: what united them (characters from the movie), and you, the people who want to rest on the raft? And the answer is on the surface: we are all, each person and each person individually, just want to have in memory exceptional event, an adventure that comes to mind after 5, 10 and even 30 years, which we will be discuss in the smoking room with friends, or sitting in the kitchen in a small circle - we'll recall the details of the rafting, which has already been. And often we not only return the memory about this event, but also ask the question myself: may be, one more time? Again experience this feeling, which cleanses us from life bustle, worries, troubles, routine, and all that that does not allow us to plunge into a state of happiness, when near a loved one, friend, and all the things that you and I love, or at least should love: nature, people, freedom, independence.

Second comment, for those who have not seen these two wonderful movie: see it and read the first comment after.

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