Locality of homestead

Homestead "Clean Air" is in a unique place north of Belarus. Near there are all natural objects necessary for the rest: on the one hand homestead - Lake Gornosveche, on the other - the river Ulla, with a third - birch grove and pine forest, with a fourth - the flood plain and water meadows. It's a charming for the eyes and thoughts space gives you freedom sensations.


Waking up in the morning, instead of a shower you can go on your own beach to cool off in the "living" water of the lake and feel the cool sand under your feet. You can diving with a berth, enjoy all the delights of water, and further to go for breakfast in a spacious wooden gazebo. In the same gazebo is nice to sit to rest in the hours of midday heat with a book or magazine in their hands, or just talking with someone. The wood gives a cool, and relaxing music in the gazebo help you relax and dismisses from all worries. Our gazebo is a great place for parties, anniversaries, birthdays in any season.

After a gastronomic diversity, that is filed for dinner by the charming mistress of homestead, you can relax, swing on the swing under a canopy of apple trees in the garden, and then allow the quiet waves on the lake to rock you in a wooden boat, made by hands of master of the homestead.

What is the birds chirp, flying from tree to tree in the garden? They say something to each other or they talk to you about that in the garden on the branches of shrubs are already reddens the first berries, it hangs in clusters, asking to eat these vitamins of the summer? Or maybe they twitter about the eternal, looking down on a rock garden and the blooming lilies and hydrangeas, telling you about this beautiful and encouraging to join the contemplation.

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And so begins the evening of the secret life of silence at the stone hearth, where the bright campfire languages seems to touch to evening clouds. Peacefully sizzle on the grill kebabs, in tune with light smoke from the smokehouse, which contains a recently caught 3-pounds bream or carp, lovingly marinated by the mistress of the estate Snezhana. And at the same time, "the flowers of life" - beloved children, fun spends time on the playground, or plays ball, or badminton.

The wooden raft with benches, carefully designed by Dmitry, the owner of the homestead, peacefully moored on the lake to waiting for a new tomorrow, so once again to take people for sunbathing, swimming, fishing or just riding around the lake - a kind of tour on the one of the bodies of water north of Belarus, giving them new joyful feeling and fit of energy!

Top floor with private entrance

You are invited to rent in a wooden house the top (attic) floor with separate entrance . On the floor are two rooms and bathroom (hot and cold water, toilet and washbasin, toilet paper, soap) and a guest fridge. In each room: double and single beds, satellite TV, mirror, night tables, clothing racks, water pitcher, drinking glasses, dishes for three people, bed sheets, extra blankets are provided.

Top floor with private entrance

Maximum comfortably can accommodate 7 people. Room cleaning every three days, bed sheets changing not least once a week. The first floor kitchen - dining room, shower, living room and master bathroom mansion. For guests wishing to prepare their own meals in the kitchen has all the necessary cooking utensils, stove, microwave oven. Drinking water is filtered. There is also a natural water spring source.

House - Steam Bath

At the homestead is a detached two-storey house with a bath. On the ground floor: entrance hall, fridge, bathroom with shower, dressing room with mini kitchen, which has all necessary kitchen utensils and a tile for cooking, as well as a steam room, which can simultaneously visit by 2-3 persons. On the second floor there are two living rooms. The first room: a double bed, a bedside, rug, table, mirror, clothes hangers, satellite TV, a decanter and glasses for water, dishes for two people. In the second: a double and queen beds, a bedside rug, also the table, mirror, clothes hangers, satellite TV, a decanter and glasses for water, dishes for three people.

Near the house the place to stay is equipped a where you can make a fire, cook grill or barbecue. And also there is the descent to the river Ulla (distance about 30 meters), where it is possible to swim.

Manor complex

At the moment there is an architectural project and a plan for building the homestead-satellite, which is located in the same village. Start of construction 2013 - 2014 year, the date of commissioning 2017 - 2018 year.

Manor complex

Consider proposals from investors. Send all proposals to the email address.


A mansion under construction on the shores of Lake Gornosveche with three bedrooms, a fireplace, a kitchen with breakfast bar, sauna with two showers, bathroom and a large hall with a library, and lots of cozy corners to relax.


Expected construction completion date: June - July 2014.


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