Services of the homestead

Food & Kitchen

Mistress of the homestead "Clean Air" offers a varied menu of homemade kitchen. Here are the names of some dishes that are served to guests: burgers "Paparats-kvetka", Mogilev's sausages, sorcerers, cepelinai, potato pancakes "draniki" with meat, pies "Gornosveche", hot potato pudding "Appetizing" and much more. Snezhana used for cooking homemade milk and eggs, which buys from the nearest well-known inhabitants of the village, as well as products from the garden: a variety of fresh herbs (dill, parsley, fennel, lettuce, coriander, tarragon), cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic. From the berries and fruits, which grow in the garden, mistress cooks wonderful fragrant jams and compotes.

The highlight of the menu are the marinades for the grill, barbecue and fish for smoking and roasting in the foil for family recipes. They are made from the special sets of fresh spicy greens, sauces and spices.

The flexible food schedule on the request: three meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner), or a choice of half board: breakfast + dinner, lunch +dinner, supper + breakfast.

It should be noted that the children's allergies during stay at the homestead greatly decrease or vanish at all. Babies improve sleep, appetite and overall well-being.

And of course, we can not talk about tea, which is preparing by the hostess of homestead as a refreshing drink in the hot days and during a visit to the bath. All of our guests agree that this tea is a pure magic. Some guests book tea and bath but tea first. And each new tea - this is a new improv mood, which includes 10 to 20 components.



Once upon a time at the dawn of humanity, people did not know what is a kitchen, cafe and a restaurant. They knew only one thing - a burning hearth, where something can be broil, boil, bake, and, most importantly, eat. But we are children of their ancestors, and, how strong we were not disfigured by civilization, we still remain residents of the green planet, where Mother Nature reigns. That's why we can not stay at home. And often drop everything, we look for an any opportunity to go to the nature at least for one day.

Now imagine how many different belongings, you must have on hand for such rest. Look: BBQ, skewers, pot, spoons, forks, knives, plates, cups, glasses, cups, garbage bags, firewood, ax, not to mention the products that should not just buy, but buy, so that they were good quality - too much! And that's not counting the fact that on arrival home you will have to deal with tedious chore - washing dishes.

Only on our homestead you can use this service as picnics without lodging. You only need to call and say what day you want to come to rest, and how much friends will be with you.

Steam bath


Just imagine - a birch broom, oak, maple, linden, rowan, hazel and juniper of course, where else, and when you can experience it all in their own skin? Where, where, well, of course in the steam bath!

Bath - is the only place, perhaps even around the globe, where a person gets a true, genuine, clean fun. You ask why? I answer, because in the bath and only in the bath a person does not think just about anything.

Of course, you can use aromatic oil and enjoy the fragrant tea from various herbs, swim in the nearby river, and in the spring and early summer to listen nightingale, sitting in a waiting room, but completely abandon the your worries and problems you can only at the steam bath.

The most buzz - a state when you come out of the bath, when you feel itself as an infant, but your mind does not see anything, except the surrounding nature.

Leisure activities

Agree that just lie on the beach or watching TV in some ways not quite rational, when the hand is bicycles, fishing rods, boats, smokehouse, barbecue, badminton, backgammon, checkers, chess, swings, balls - just take any you want and have fun to the full.

Delivery of products from the store

Unfortunately, or fortunately, but nearest shop from our estate at a distance of 12 km, that's why for the guests who resting with us without his vehicle, we arrange delivery of food and other essential goods. In addition each friday the shop trailer arrives, where you can always find something to spend your money. 



Someone traveling by car, and someone on the train, in any case, you can always count on the fact that you will be met and transferred from any city, and you will not burdened with driving a car, but simply and safely enjoy the holiday. The car of homestead owner always available, and also driver services are possible on your car.

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