About our region

We are lucky. Rather, it is not that just got lucky, but we have found what you were looking for. And we were looking for a quiet, secluded place with an exceptional landscape and nature, which are enchants the soul.

When, in 2004, we realized what we want for your family and your children, we decided that we really must to find a place, which is comfortable and cozy for accommodation of our family. Two years of searching and traveling in the most remote corners of the Vitebsk region, including Narochansky edge Braslaw, Verkhnedvinsk district, Belarusian Lakeland finally led us to the anyone else then unknown village - Dybaly. When we saw her - we just gasped. During of all of the searches, we have not seen nothing similar anywhere else. Quiet cozy village consisting of 15 houses, where resides consistently 3 families only. It located on a small hill between the river Ulla and stunning lake Gornosveche. This lake really lives up to its name due to the shining silver highlights on the surface of the water in the bright midday sun. And, additionally, everyone in the neighborhood belongs to the realm of pine forests.

Clean air, what is the clean air here! These were the first words that were told by me and my husband together. In fact, even then, not knowing that we are going to live here, we have already identified the name of our future estate. All we were looking for - we have found. And we have found - equidistant from the regional centers: Vitebsk, Polotsk and our nation's capital - Minsk, the absence of any productions that violates the environment, and the lack of collective and state arable land, with their unaltered using of the chemical fertilizers. We have found the very clean large forest areas, and most importantly - the proximity of water: the 30 meters from the lake and 40 meters of the river. The presence of spring water near the village finally convinced us that here the place, where we'll live and will invite all the guests who want to get as much positive emotions and impressions from visiting this place, the same as we had received.

Perhaps in Belarus there is no homestead, vacation homes, boarding house or sanatorium, which would not be attractive from a historical point of view both a geographical location. Our homestead "Clean Air" is no exception. From the point of view of history in our area there are many events associated with various historical names: Sapieha Radyvyliv, Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon, Nicholas II, Dovator, Ivan Khrutsky, etc. There were also: the Battle on the River Ulla, and the convict road of Catherine II, and the headquarter of Napoleon, and the execution of Polish prisoners, the Jewish Ghetto of World War II, the Stalinist repression, and much, much, much more.

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