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Comfortable residence

Comfortable residenceHomestead "Clean Air" is a very beautiful, clean and equidistant from the towns of Vitebsk, Minsk and Polotsk place. It is very well suited for family recreation. Comfortable residence, private beach, reasonable prices, diverse, non-recurring menu will stay really comfortable!

Leisure activities

RaftingOrganize rafting for various groups (teams, corporate and individual). For our guests we organize rafting estate costs. Only on our farm you can spend the weekend on a raft on the lake Gornosveche (possibly long-term use of the raft).

Food & Kitchen

Food and KitchenMistress of the homestead "Clean Air" offers a varied menu, here the names of some dishes, which are prepared by Snezhana: burgers "Paparats-kvetka", Mogilev’s sausages, kolduny, dumplings, potato pancakes with meat, pies "Gornosveche", cheese pie "Appetizing" etc.

Guest Calendar

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Homestead "Clean Air"

Why do you need to visit our homestead "Clean Air"?

Not why, but for which purpose! In order to get a chance to find not just a great place to relax, but, may be, to find there new friends, people, who similar to you, who share your way of thinking, feelings, interests, life's views, attitudes to nature, etc.

And what prevents you from being free to choose the way place to relax, to get a good cheerful mood, the joy of daily contact with nature and with your loved ones, look at the forest, the sun on the grass and feel the life - complete understanding with your family for which in the urban bustle of work you can not find so much time and attention they deserve.

It should come to fill this gap in the relationship and stay together for so long to be enough at least for the next six months. Here you will play with your children and watch them grow and get stronger in nature, call to mind the days of first love, converse with a loved one, breathe fresh air and gain strength for the whole next year!

And the tasty and nourishing food, cooked the mistress of the estate only from the natural products will help you to relax and to clean your mind and your body.

In general, the "Clean Air" fits all, regardless of gender or age. This is interesting and attractive. This is a true natural vacation. Make the right choice!

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